The Arc of Central Alabama is one of the first service providers in the state of Alabama to pilot and offer the Community Waiver Program. The following support services are available through The Arc:


The Arc’s Employment program supports over 300 people annually and partners with over 20 local employers. 

Community Living 

Supports are tailored to each individual person’s preferences, mobility needs, and goals for independence. 

Positive Supports 

With the constant goal of empowering each person to live their most independent life possible, The Arc provides a wide range of supports from positive behavior plans to navigating public transportation. 

Adult Family Home

The Adult Family Home Program, a division of the Community Waiver Program (CWP), is designed to provide residential support for adults with IDD who can no longer care for themselves in their own home or do not have family/ natural supports to assist. These homes are licensed through the CWP, overseen by The Arc, but operated independently. The program offers personalized care in a family setting that encourages independence, while honoring dignity and personal choices. Placements may be long-term or short-term in an effort to move to more supported independent living.

Each home is evaluated rigorously and all persons providing care will be required to pass a background check and drug screening. Average rates begin at $180 per day, in addition to rent/room/boarding costs. This is an estimate only – pricing is determined on case-by-case basis specific to each individual.

Who Qualifies to Receive Adult Family Home Services?

  • ADMH Waiver recipients with IDD
  • Persons with IDD that desire to live in a family style setting

What Services are Provided by the Adult Family Home?

  • 24-hour care and service
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation for medical appointments, daily outings, and community engagement

Is this program similar to foster care, but for adults with IDD?

Yes, family placements may be indefinite or may be short-term, as a stepping stone to independent living.

What makes this differnet from The Arc's existing Residential Program?

Placements made through the CWP operate independently of The Arc’s Residential Program. Arc homes are run by The Arc and staff Arc employees. Through the CWP, individual families maintain their home and support needed for the person they host.

What is required of families who chose to participate?

By signing up with the CWP, host families agree to provide a stable environment where each individual feels valued and cared for. Helping the people served become more independent is an integral part of the process. For those who need assistance with medications, overseeing/ assisting with managing self-administered medication and/or medication administration, as permitted under Alabama’s Nurse Practice Act. Must be at least 18 years of age. Must pass a statewide background check confirming no convictions for any crime of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitations or any felony offense. Must pass  a pre-employment drug screen. Must complete QuIITSS Training, CPR, and First Aid. Provider agency must maintain these records.