The Arc of Central Alabama offers a wide range of living arrangements based on the needs of the people we serve.

Current options include: 

  • Group homes for geriatric and medically-fragile individuals
  • Supervised community living
  • Independent to semi-independent residences

Our Residential Program strives to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to learn skills for self-sufficiency that help them reach their highest potential and live the most independent life possible. Not only do Arc homes provide physical shelter, but also food, security, and a sense of family. Resources are available to help each individual thrive as active and valued members of their community.

The Arc’s Residential Program provides home-based skills training, transportation, and supervision of medical needs. Opportunities for typical life experiences such as vacations, cultural events, cookouts, dates, etc., are a major facet to the success of our Residential Program. Many of the residences within our footprint—much like many of Birmingham’s neighborhoods—are in areas considered to be “food deserts,” which lack access to affordable, healthy food options. Through our United Way Food Bank, those served in Arc residences are delivered nutritious, balanced food every week. Deliveries are based on their personal preferences and health needs. This ensures that each person is not only receiving healthy options, but also enough food to sustain them throughout the week.

Adolescent Residential Program  Our most recent program addition is the Adolescent Residential Program, which began upon request of the Department of Mental Health. This Medicaid-mandated program serves children and teenagers with IDD whose extensive needs cannot be met by their families or foster care. The Adolescent Residential Program is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of this age group, work through support plans, and encourage individuals to learn how to thrive within their schools and communities.


From the perspective of William Wren, parent and former Arc of Central Alabama Board member:
“I don’t know what we’d do without The Arc. Our daughter needs 24-hour care, help counting money, assistance riding the bus, and reminders to groom herself. She’s participated in The Arc’s Day and Residential programs for almost 20 years, and visits with us on the weekends.  But she’s much calmer when she’s at her home with her housemates and the staff and their routines. My wife and I are in our sixties now, and it gives us incredible peace of mind to know that our daughter will be safely and kindly cared for by The Arc for the rest of her life.”